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The process of transforming a pretzel into an epicurean delight is nuanced and multi-faceted and the Pretzelist is attuned to every magical step. From the sourcing of the finest cocoa ingredients to the blending of extraordinary colors chosen from an exquisite palette, the Pretzelist is singularly focused on the creating an exceptional chocolate backdrop.  When the chocolate is primed, the pretzel is “enrobed” – nobly outfitted in the brilliant, decadent chocolate and then readied for the virtuoso to start the adornment process.


With a vast array of candied embellishments, decorations, motifs, and patterns, crystals, piping and pearls, the Pretzelist uses her keen eye to combine colors and textures. A true gourmet, the Pretzelist expertly pairs aesthetic beauty and scrumptious taste. 

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